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Who doesn't love a summer spy movie with pretty people, assassinations, gunfights, explosions, car chases, daring escapes and couples therapy! Just check your brain at the door, sit back and enjoy the ride!

I mean that about the brain. Really. If you think about the plot, there's a WAMM out there with your name on it. That's "Wait A Minute Moment." You know, when your brain says "Wait A Minute! If Bubba the Guard was in on it, why did they have to break out of the jail by improvising an explosive device from a chamberpot and bat guano?" (Don't worry, there's no Bubba, chamber pot or guano in this film, that's just an example.) For me, the WAMM came as I was halfway through the parking lot back to my car. It hit hard. I realized there's a giant plot hole that pretty much nullifies the logic of the movie's last ninety minutes.

So what's crucial to this film is SOD (that's "Suspension of Disbelief"). There's some pretty heavy SOD-ing required, and not everybody enjoys that. If you can't relax and SOD-ing well take it, you may just find it painful. Sometimes drinking beforehand helps; it kind of lubricates the process.

So, while I thought this movie started off well, had some funny lines (but fewer than I expected based on the previews), and showcased one really striking dramatic moment, it was mostly a mindless "flash-bang!" action film that unraveled disappointingly as it went. If you just like seeing Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (or both) running about on screen, you've got a good two hours of entertainment, but for that, you could rent it when it's out on DVD and watch it with the sound off.

  • True Lies
  • Bourne Identity
  • Point of No Return (the 1994 version with Bridget Fonda)
  • Grosse Pointe Blank
Overall Rating: 4 (where 1=Worthless, 10=Fabulous)

Eight-Facet Info Rating, rated on a scale of 0 (None) to 4 (Lots!)):

Humor: 1
Nudity: 0
Sexual Reference: 2
Sexual Activity: 1
Action: 4
Gore: 1
Violence: 3
Profanity: 1


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