Evan's Eyes

The Eight-Facet Info System

The eight-digit number that accompanies review indicates the quantity of eight different facets commonly found in movies. These facets influence the MPAA ratings (e.g. PG-13), but are more detailed in the information they provide. For example, if you don't mind some violence, but can't stand gore, the MPAA rating doesn't help you much. The Eight-Facet Info System provides specifics about each. Ratings go from 0 (None) to 4 (Lots!), from left to right:

  • Humor: From slapstick to witty wordplay. May not be intentional, so movies that aren't supposed to be funny may get a higher rating than movies that should be funny, but aren't.
  • Sexual References: Innuendoes to blatant references, removing of clothing, situations, or such things that would make one think of sex.
  • Nudity: Nudity. I mean real nudity, not concealed in heavy shadows, seen through translucent glass, or just the back from the waist up.
  • Sexual Activity: Things beyond kissing and holding hands. You know.

  • Action: Chase scenes, explosions, gun play, suspense, tension, danger, criminal activity, competitions, heroism, etc.
  • Violence: Hitting, kicking, people being shot, killed, injured, etc.
  • Gore: Blood, damaged flesh, bones or organs, rotting bodies, etc.
  • Profanity: Naughty words. F-ck, sh-t, Oxf-rd, etc.

The Overall Rating

The Overall Rating reflects the sum of the parts and the experience of the movie as a whole. An erratic but fun comedy could score higher than a well-made but less amusing one.

  1. Worthless. Don't watch it ever! Fight your way out of seeing it.
  2. Really Bad. Poor plot, characters, dialog. etc.
  3. Bad. Poor directorial choices, but some good things.
  4. Fair. Sometimes boring, gratuitous, stupid, but has redeeming qualities.
  5. Average. Watch without being bored, but not memorable.
  6. Good. Worth $3, held my interest, decent quality.
  7. Very Good. Entertaining, enjoyable, or emotional.
  8. Excellent. Worth $5.50, highly recommended.
  9. Great. Really fantastic, don't miss it.
  10. Fabulous! Worth $7.50, absolutely a must-see!


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