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Web Log Entry #0059, Saturday, April 12, 2003: Day 145

Anchorage Sunrise: 6:4am Sunset: 9:12pm High Temp: 47° Low Temp: 34°

I just had to go to the "Intuitive Arts Festival!" The mysterious name of this event caught my eye. Empathic Painting? Perceptive Sculpture? No, anywhere else, this would be billed as a "Psychic Fair." Are they trying to be different? Include non-psychic aspects of the New Age? Or is there some law against Alaskans calling themselves Psychic? Well, to find out would take some effort, so I didn't bother. Instead, I went to check out the Festival. It might be a way to meet women.

Alaska is a state of extremes. Geographically, it's huge. You could drop Alaska on the Continental US and it would crush many of the smaller states, so it's probably best not to. Yet, a Festival promoted as if it's a huge event turns out to be twenty card tables in a senior-center rec room. Despite this, I saw around five dozen attendees, almost exclusively women in the 40-60 age range. It's good to know that I've really keyed into this demographic. I passed up on the aromatherapy oils, candles, and chakra-enhancing jewelry. This left either getting a reading (tarot, palm, Gypsy or "Angelic"), or gathering information on energy work or a church group. Okay, to be accurate, I could have waited around until the featured workshop (for another $5 donation) about "Can our 'Crossed-Over' Loved Ones Communicate With Us?" Faced with these options, I listened to my intuition for my best course of action: I went home and watched a movie. With ice cream.

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