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Web Log Entry #0058, Tuesday, April 8, 2003: Day 141

Anchorage Sunrise: 7:02am Sunset: 9:02pm High Temp: 48° Low Temp: 25°

Today I go to my first Pilates class (for those who don't know, this is a trendy exercise program, known for being pronounced like puh-LAH-tees, not PIE-lates (even though that's the way it looks). I decided I should do this after a winter of rich food and long hours on the couch watching TV for the obvious reason: To meet women. Every time I've watched the infomercial for Pilates workout videos I can't help but notice that their demo class is FILLED with young, gorgeous, fit women. Since my other dating attempts have been completely unsuccessful, I figured I was looking in the wrong place. This will be much better.

Well, there's good news and bad news. Out of fifty students, there are only two other guys. However, the remainder of the class is filled by women in the 40-60 age range, mostly with wedding rings and in the marketing demographic called "Full Figured" (Lest you think I'm shallow or anything, I can tell that they all have LOTS of personality and are FILLED with inherent worth as Human Beings). They're just not what I expected. Also, Pilates turns out to be really HARD! Oh sure, the movements are simple, and doing them once or twice is no problem. We're expected, however, to keep doing them again and again, long after my muscles are announcing that they are VERY DISPLEASED. The worst thing is that I USED to be in shape, and I could have done the entire class without raising my heartrate. Then I took a brief break from regular exercise (not long, only three or four years), and now I'm barely qualified for chair aerobics. I'm going to complain to my congresspeople as soon as I can lift my arms high enough to write a letter....

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