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Web Log Entry #0048, Wednesday, February 26, 2003: Day 100

Anchorage Sunrise: 8:12am Sunset: 6:16pm High Temp: 40° Low Temp: 32°

Today marks 100 days since I arrived in Anchorage. It seems appropriate to review things I've learned and the highlights of my time here:

Moose actually DO wander through urban Anchorage (granted, I've only had two sightings myself, which could have been arranged by the Department of Fish & Game, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. For now).

The suspected carnivorous nature of Moose has not been successfully proven. The Truth is Out There.

Even though all of the locals swear that this is an abnormally warm year (and therefore disappointing), I think it's cold and I still don't like it. (Technically I'm not whining about it, so my New Year's Resolution still holds.)

The locals are quite friendly, most of them speak English well enough to be understood, and they observe my Big City ways with tolerant amusement.

People here will throw themselves into the ocean in mid-winter.

Reindeer is good eatin'.

Alaskan "Found Art" can be really cool. A lot of the rest of Alaskan Art is watercolors.

I became the first Alaskan Speed Dater (Guy Division), with my picture in the paper and all the fame and fortune that entails.

And I'd be remiss if I left this out of my list of highlights: Dancing at the Christmas Party (it was GREAT!).

So now, Spring is in the air (again). I have yet to see the Northern Lights or a bear in the wild, or go curling, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, snow-shoeing, dog-sledding or snowmachining. Maybe I can do these things in the summer, when it's warm enough to be outside, but before the Annual Attack of the Giant Mosquitoes.

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