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Web Log Entry #0090, Thursday, November 27, 2003: Day 374

Anchorage Sunrise: 9:34am Sunset: 3:58pm High Temp: Low Temp: -6°

The lack of snow last year is being counterbalanced by a plentitude this year. It started two weeks ago, and now I can honestly say that it's almost up to the kitchen window. Granted, the way the condo sits into the slope puts the kitchen window only a couple feet above the ground, but two feet of snow is plenty. I'm used to living places where snow is rarely more than an inch deep and it melts away within 48 hours. Here, they forget to raise the outdoor temperature above freezing, so the snow just stays! The two feet on the ground is everything that's fallen in November. Well, to be accurate, there's little left on the roads and sidewalks. One of the best things to be said about Anchorage is that they have enthusiastic snow removal. Unfortunately, the snow plows don't clear the roads completely, they just reduce the coverage to a thin layer of smooth, packed snow. I'm constantly amazed that cars don't constantly slide off the roads, but such is the magic of spiked tires.

The vigorous snow removal has caused huge piles of snow to appear in parking lots. Last year the piles were like Mount Hood, a single white peak off by itself. This year we have entire mountain ranges, like miniature Alps spanning the larger lots. If I had the free time and the inclination (thanks for not pointing out that I have way too much free time), I'd set up mountain-climbing expeditions with action figures strung together with parachute cord. Unfortunately, daytime temperatures are single-digit and I avoid being outside longer than it takes to go from a car into a building. Night-time temperatures are frequently below zero. I've gone outside in these extremes so I can say that I've done it, but I don't loiter. Have I mentioned that I would have made a terrible Eskimo? This year I'm thankful for modern heating systems and insulation materials. Very thankful. (Happy Thanksgiving!)

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