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Web Log Entry #0088, Saturday, October 18, 2003: Day 334

Anchorage Sunrise: 8:47am Sunset: 6:38pm High Temp: 38° Low Temp: 33°

It's Alaska Day! Here's what they're doing in Anchorage to celebrate: Nothing. That's right, as the Anchorage Daily News ("Your Daily Moose Report") put it, "No celebrations are planned." I must say, I am a bit disappointed. On the anniversary of statehood back in Arizona people would ply someone with flowers, candy, romantic greeting cards, stuffed woodland creatures, dinner, etc., in hopes of sleeping with them. This may have more to do with it being February 14th, but at least it was SOMETHING. Lacking any good Alaska Day celebrations, I drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels* and went to see "Finding Nemo" and "Kill Bill" back to back. (No, this wasn't a twisted distribution company's evil double-feature offering, I had to go to two separate theaters. However, many years ago, I went to a double feature of "The Last Boy Scout" and "Life Is Sweet" at the Mission Theater in Portland. I have no idea who thought these movies went together: The first is a brain-slamming homage to violent buddy-crime-drama, the second is a languid meditation of British slice-of-life cinema. The biker couple sitting next to me walked out twenty minutes after the second movie started, but still before anything happened. Perhaps it was marketing genius: The overlap in audience between the two movies approaches zero. People are drawn to one half of the bill, but nobody stays for the second film. Nobody except me, I guess.) I thought I would do a twofer movie review, sort of a Compare-and-Contrast of the two movies, since nobody's done that so far. As both movies revolve around quests where the protagonists face nearly-insurmountable odds, the result was shaping up to be a brilliantly insightful term paper. As I'm no longer in school and the form didn't really serve my movie-review audience, I gave up on that and went with my usual "1 Movie, 1 Review" policy. They came out okay, despite the hangover.

* Well, a mini-bar sized bottle, but I did drink it all.

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