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Web Log Entry #0084, Friday, September 26, 2003: Day 312

Anchorage Sunrise: 7:52am Sunset: 7:48pm High Temp: 56° Low Temp: 44°

It's been almost two weeks since the end of the contract was announced, but I still don't know exactly what it will mean to me. I've turned to my bobble-head moose for spiritual guidance. I admit it, I bought a moose for my dashboard. I had to do it. I saw a dashboard moose in some Alaskan's car, gently bobbing his head when the car stopped at a light (that's the moose's head, not the Alaskan's). So I quested through an endless parade (well, three) gift stores, until I found my moose. Normally, I abhor the kitschy bobble-head dogs one sees riding around in cars, but the moose is great. He's lying down with his head up, and there's something dignified and endearing about the way he nods as I drive. It's as if he's sagely agreeing with the Rightness of Being to be found in acceleration, cornering, and bumps in the road. His biggest problem is low friction, so occasionally he slides placidly across the dash and falls down by the passenger seat. He never seems too disturbed when that happens, though, and calmly resumes his gentle head-bobbing when I return him to his place. He seems happy wherever he's put. It's an admirable trait, one I'm attempting to emulate. I suppose it's easier to have a Zen outlook on life when the worst thing that can happen to you is landing on a car mat. Perhaps I'll try gently nodding while I work and wait for the Plan to be announced.

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