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Web Log Entry #0024, Wednesday, December 11, 2002: Day 23

Sun 12/8 Anchorage Sunrise: 9:58am Sunset: 3:43pm High Temp: 33° Low Temp: 28°
Mon 12/9 Anchorage Sunrise: 10:00am Sunset: 3:42pm High Temp: 33° Low Temp: 28°
Tue 12/10 Anchorage Sunrise: 10:01am Sunset: 3:42pm High Temp: 34° Low Temp: 31°
Wed 12/11 Anchorage Sunrise: 10:03am Sunset: 3:41pm High Temp: 33° Low Temp: 23°

SNOW! We have SNOW! My grace period is over, the weather has reverted to local standard, not imported Portland weather. The Anchoragites (Anchoragers? Anchoragonians?) are much more cheerful, stuffing handfuls of snow down their pants and squealing. It's a sight to see.

Anchorage in winter without snow, moose, and the Northern Lights is just a gravel-encrusted little city in the dark. I was having uncharitable thoughts about Anchorage. And malevolent thoughts about them who* made me work up here in the winter, especially the Republicans. I'm still resentful of the Republicans, but six inches of newly-fallen snow certainly makes the city look fabulous. If it keeps looking like this, I'll acknowledge that Anchorage's appeal isn't limited to the summer months.

The snow is most beautiful before you have to drive in it. Of course it was raining yesterday, so the snow is over a layer of treacherous ice. Stan and I carpooled today. I'm sure I could have driven without incident, but we did our part in reducing the number of cars on the road. And there were a lot this morning, most of them creeping cautiously along.

What I hate are drivers who want to go full speed on icy roads. It would be satisfying to see them zoom around me and slide into the cars ahead, but they never do. It's probably just as well. The thrill of seeing instant karma would be counterbalanced by being stuck behind an accident. Still, I'd be a witness, and I could have fun making my statement: "Then the idiot, sorry, MR. Idiot, zoomed past me at probably 70, and smashed into the car ahead, the way a terrorist would do if they hated freedom. Doesn't he look like a terrorist to you?" They'd probably take him in for questioning.

* Yes, I know "them who" isn't grammatically proper. It should be "them what."

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