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Web Log Entry #0015, Tuesday, November 26, 2002: Day 8

Anchorage Sunrise: 9:32am Sunset: 3:59pm High Temp: 55° - A record! Low Temp: 35°

Three highlights for the day:

  1. Got a "gold star" email from Jim for being proactive on one of my tasks. I certainly don't live and die by praise from a supervisor, but it's nice to get kudos early on. Once I establish the reputation as a forward-thinking performer, I can coast on that as I settle into my Wally* role for the remainder of the project.
  2. GOT INTERNET ACCESS AT HOME! Hooray! This involved waiting on hold for two separate calls to the cable company, but we finally got it connected. It's a gas-powered cable modem, so I can't be online more than fifteen minutes at stretch because the living room fills with smoke (Haha! Just kidding. It vents outside.)
  3. When I went to the post office after work, there was a moose (maybe even the same one) grazing the median strips in the parking lot. I sat and watched him for quite a while. They're amazing animals. And it says a lot about what people get used to. Apparently there are 1,500 moose living in the Anchorage basin (maybe more, since most of them didn't bother to send in their forms during the last census). So it's not uncommon for moose to be wandering through the streets. If a moose, or even a cow wandered the streets of Portland, you know the police, fire department, animal control, etc. would be rushing to contain it. Here, people slow to look, but they leave him alone. He watches the cars drive by, but isn't spooked unless they get really close. This shakes up my carnivorous moose theory, unless the locals figure losing a few people to moose every year is a small price to pay for having amazing wildlife wander past the front door.

    *If for some bizarre reason you don't read the comic strip "Dilbert," I'll explain: Wally is an office worker who doesn't work; he shows up, drinks coffee, bothers his coworkers, avoids assignments, and gives bogus but real-sounding status reports that are just enough to keep him from being fired by clueless management. It's a lifestyle to aspire to.

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