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Web Log Entry #0013, Sunday, November 24, 2002: Day 6

Anchorage Sunrise: 9:28am Sunset: 4:03pm High Temp: 45° Low Temp: 30°

First, I took my life into my hands by going for a swim 28½ minutes after eating breakfast. This was my first swim in the hotel pool, and I learned that it's harder to swim in Alaska. When we lived in Phoenix (about thirty years ago), our house had a pool and we swam almost year round. Swimming for an hour was no big deal. The pool here tired me out within a dozen laps! Being closer to the Pole must make the water thicker, or something. Weird.

But then it was Moving Day! I packed up all my stuff, checked out of the hotel, and drove out to my Home Away From Home.
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I got there about 10:00am, and sunrise colored the clouds all orange and pink. It's a bit strange to see a beautiful sunrise only a couple hours before noon. Technically, the sun came over the horizon at 9:28 today, but it rises at such a flat angle that it starts getting light well before then, and slooowly makes the transition to full daylight. Even at noon the sun is low over the horizon, making a mid-day drive south feel like driving into the sunset back home. Of course, most days have been overcast, dividing a 24-hour period into "Dark" and "Gray." Just like Portland!

Even with my two bags and a carry-on, I spent a couple hours figuring out where everything goes. I finished in the early afternoon, so I went for a self-guided tour of the area. I drove downtown (almost as far north as one can go and still be in Anchorage), then headed south on the highway. Cruising along on a dry road with big, puffy clouds lit up by crepuscular rays, huge snow-capped mountains to the east, I realized I was enjoying myself! Anchorage can be fun! Okay, I admit that I wasn't entirely suffering up to this point, but the icy road excitement and process of relocating, starting a new job, and finding a place to live had been more "stress" than "party." Now that the basic logistics are taken care of, I hope to spend more time in the hedonistic pursuits for which I'm known.

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