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Web Log Entry #0010, Thursday, November 21, 2002: Day 3

Anchorage Sunrise: 9:20am Sunset: 4:09pm High Temp: 35° Low Temp: 28°

It's starting to feel routine. Wake up, shower, dress, breakfast, commute, work. Not that there aren't exciting moments, like the approach to Denali Street, where the light went yellow. I braked, felt the slide, and decided to go for the right turn as the pickup truck from the other side made a left. We all ended up in the proper lanes without any hard feelings, but I had far more adrenaline in my system than I did seconds before. This event wouldn't be so bad, but Jim claims that Anchorage has a law prohibiting rental cars from having studded tires. I don't know why. I just know that it makes me more nervous driving on the permamuck.

Today Stan and I looked at a couple places to rent. (I've known Stan over a decade; he was an IT manager at PTI way back when. He left there about six years ago and headed for central Oregon. That didn't last, and he ended up back in the Portland area, and hooked up with WISDOM. He started working up here in April. Tim decided that WISDOM would keep a place for our consultants working in Anchorage, and we're looking for it. Once found, Stan and I will live there (End of Backstory)). At lunch we looked at the Spartan Apartments, a furnished 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit with fireplace. I've described it as two tiny hotel rooms with a narrow living room/kitchen stuck in-between. It cost about $1100/month, including linens and cable TV. It was OK. It would be like living in a hotel room for six months. If we got snowed in, cabin fever would quickly become an issue. Supposedly, Alaskan law is pretty lenient on homicides during winter when people are snowed in and you can't go anywhere, and you JUST CAN'T STAND LISTENING TO THEM BREATHE, IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT....

Anyway, I don't want to put this to a test. The second place we looked was a condo toward the East side of town, past the University. It was GREAT! It looked like a place in which people would actually live. There's enough space so a person in the dining area doesn't have to look at the person in the living room. The bedrooms are more than a bed, dresser, and tiny closet. Of course, it's $1,500/month. It gets my vote from what we've seen so far. We just need Tim to agree, since he's footing the bill.

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