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Web Log Entry #0003, Saturday, November 9, 2002: Day -9

Made a huge list of things to do before I go. Cancel the newspaper. Suspend my cell phone service. Get in shape (no, that's from my New Year's resolutions, scratch that). Well, now that I think about it, maybe I should put on a few pounds, just for warmth, of course. I do have two coupons for free Ben & Jerry'sŪ ice cream left from when I chose Working Assets as my long-distance carrier (Yes! They give you twelve pints of ice cream, FREE! It's GREAT!) I mean, it works for the bears and seals, doesn't it? I better buy some bigger pants.

Once I had my list, I went to the video store and rented a bunch of movies. No, I'm not procrastinating, I just like movies (and I can quit anytime I want to, so there). I passed up on "Escape From Alaska," which I may regret later. I wonder if you can rent videos in Alaska? I know from previous trips that they have electricity, and they don't shut off the generator at night so you wake up every morning with your alarm clock blinking "12:00." Of course, I'm kidding. You're looking at the Internet right now, and it tells us that yes, there IS a video store in Anchorage (Video-Video, apparently owned by Jimmy Two-Times from "Goodfellas"). In fact, for the week I arrive, the Internet says there are at least THREE cultural events going on, including A Children's Exhibition of Art Made from Found Objects, which, as a sophisticated, Lower-48 urbanite it would be EASY to ridicule by suggesting that Alaskan culture is random junk found and glued together by kids, but it would be VERY WRONG of me to do that before I go see the exhibit!

I can wait.

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